Baltimore City

Mount Royal Printing

Mount Royal Printing has been in business in Baltimore since the 1940's. They are currently located in the Mount Washington Neighborhood. See what they are all about.

Alpha Graphics

Alpha Graphics is a certified woman-owned boutique printer in the Woodbury Neighborhood. Take a minute and learn about Alpha Colors, a special process only Alpha Graphics offers.

Gilah Press + Design

Specializing in letterpress Gilah Press + Design is a local printer in Hampden.

Howard County

Indigo Ink

Indigo Ink, located just outside of Baltimore in Columbia, offers digital printing, small runs, and so much more. Check out what they have to offer.

Baltimore History

Hear all about working at the Baltimore Sun and the Linotype

Meet Ray Loomis

Ray Loomis started at a print shop when he was 14 and hasn't stopped yet. Hear what he has to say about the Linotype machine and working at the Baltimore Sun.

The Linotype Machine

See how the Linotype machine works. Invented here in Baltimore, the Linotype revolutionized the newspaper industry. The Baltimore Sun | Courtesy of Ray Loomis

The Monotype

The Monotype machine was used for advertising copy. Check out the 1920's film from The Sun archives and learn about the Monotype machine. The Baltimore Sun | Courtesy of Ray Loomis


Printing photographs was very different at the Sun in the early days compared to today. See how the photograph was prepared for print. The Baltimore Sun | Courtesy of Ray Loomis

The Final Product

Ever wondered how the newspaper was printed in the early 20th Century? Now's your chance to see. The Baltimore Sun | Courtesy of Ray Loomis